Serving at GWH

We hope you are encouraged as we are to consider how the Lord has led His faithful servants to selflessly labor throughout the past century. Please pray with us that this labor would continue at Greenwood with the Lord’s leadership until His return!

During the weeks of Girls Camp, Boys Camp, Challenge Week, and the August Bible Conference, a married couple will be committed to and available specifically for staff members ages 14-21 to encourage and cultivate spiritual growth, including designated times of prayer and Bible study each day while also serving as a resource throughout the week. Our desire is to encourage spiritual growth and maturity among those who are serving while also deepening the relationships of those who serve together. Personal time in the Word of God along with Scripture memorization will also be encouraged throughout the week.

If you are willing and able to serve the Lord at Greenwood Hills this summer, please fill out a short form indicating your availability.

All saints serving before, during and after all events are volunteers serving as to the Lord. Would you prayerfully consider ministering to them financially? You may of course give a gift directly to a serving saint, or gifts to the volunteers can be placed in one of the ministry boxes in the Inn or Dining Room. If you want to minister to a specific volunteer, please specify that with your gift. No GWH board member or board member’s spouse will receive gifts through this process. Please also pray about joining in the Lord’s work here in some way yourself! Contact about opportunities.

How Can I Serve?

Learn more about the current vision and needs at Greenwood

In this video, board members describe a new approach at Greenwood Hills, which includes the use of volunteers to carry on the work in many areas.

If you are interested in joining this work, please complete a short survey to identify areas where you may be led to serve this year.

See the structure of the new service crews

To carry out this new vision, crews have been created, each under the leadership of a board member, that will take responsibility for different areas of service. The diagram below gives a high-level summary of the crew structure.

Flowchart showing the leadership structure of the service crews
Flowchart showing how the event lead administers the various crews

See the new structure described

On January 19, 2021, the board shared a presentation with representatives from interested assemblies. You can view the slides and recording of this presentation to learn about ways that you may be able to contribute to the ongoing work at GWH.